Recordings Van Paassen made for various broadcasters such as VPRO NPO Klassiek , NPO radio 4, the concertzender in the Netherlands and others abroad:

(selection, see also the national Dutch TV/Radio archives )

xxxxxxAVRO npo radio 4, radio klassiek The Netherlands

O. Messiaen Le traquet stapazin

M. Ravel Miroirs

F. Chopin  Second sonata

CONCERTZENDER (the Netherlands)

Recital with Esther Apituley in the concertgebouw in Amsterdam.

Johannes Brahms the sonatas for viola and piano with Esther Apituley

Morton Feldman The viola in my. Life (3) with Esther Apituley

Michail Glinka 1st movement Sonata viola/piano with Esther Apituley

Gabriel Grovlez Romance scherzo finale viola / piano with Esther Apituley

Anton Rubinstein Sonata violine-piano with Angel Gimeno

Anton Rubinstein Sonate cello piano with Herre Jan Stegenga

Anton Rubinstein Trio met Herre Stegenga en Angel Gimeno

Henri Vieuxtemps Elegie viola/piano with Esther Apituley

EO npo radio 4, radio klassiek (the Netherlands):

B. Britten Holiday diary

L. van Beethoven Sonata

J. Brahms Pianoconcerto I with Radio Symfony orchestra

Conductor: Kenneth Montgomery

W.A. Mozart Fantasie d minor

F. Poulenc Promenades

F. Schubert Sonata A major

D.Shostakowitch Cello sonate with Jeroen Reuling

B. van den Sigtenhorst Meijer Six views on mount Fuji

KRO npo radio 4, radio klassiek(the Netherlands)

J. Brahms Second sonata

Anton Rubinstein Sonata opus 100

Preludes opus 24

D. Scarlatti 10 sonatas

P.I. Tsjaikofsky Pianotrio with Olga Martinova and Jeroen Reuling

NCRV npo radio 4, radio klassiek(the Netherlands)

L. Andriessen Melodie for recorder and piano with Peter Holtslag

L.van Beethoven Sonata

F. Chopin 4 mazurkas

M. van Paassen Allegretto



Laurel en Hardy in Tchernobil


Een Walkure in het Amsterdam-Rijn kanaal

F. Poulenc Trio  with Bassoon and Hobo, with Johan Steinman and Frank van Koten

M.Ravel Trio with Philippe Graffin and Jeroen Reuling

Anton Rubinstein Piano quintet with the Raphael quartet

W. van Stoppelenburg Sonata for piano and Hobo with Frank van Koten  

NPS npo radio 4, radio klassiek(the Netherlands)

Louis Andriessen Trepidus

Hendrik Andriessen Sonata


J. Brands Buys Piano concerto with Radio Symphony orchestra conductor Lucas Vis

R. Dubois Piano piece

H. Kerstens Piano piece

M. van Paassen Helder contra licht

Go between

Laurel and Hardy in Tchernobil

J. P. Sweelinck Chromatic fantasy


Anton Rubinstein Contredanses from Le Bal

F. Chopin 4 Mazurka”s

TROS npo radio 4, radio klassiek(the Netherlands)

C. Debussy Images

Etudes second book

A. Dvorak Pianoquintet with Philippe Graffin , Angel Gimeno, Esther Apituley, Jeroen Reuling

M. de Falla Suite Espagnolle with Jeroen Reuling, cello

M. Ravel Pianoconcerto with Brabants orchestra

M. Reger Sonata opus 107 with viola, with Michael Geller

D. Sjostakowitch Pianoquintet (with: see Dvorak)

P.I. Tsjaikofsky Piano concerto I with NSO

VARA npo radio 4, radio klassiek(the Netherlands

H. Villa Lobos Rudepoema

VERONICA npo radio 4, radio klassiek(the Netherlands)

L. Van Beethobven 3 sonatas


J. Brahms sonatas viola/piano with Esther Apiluley

G. Fauré various pieces with cello(Reuling)

E. Granados Anoranza


Danse Espagnole

El Fandago

E. Grieg Sonate cello piano with Jeroen Reuling

M. Ravel Alborada del gracioso

Anton Rubinstei Piano concerto No. 4 with radio Radio symfonie orkest Conductor Alexander Anissimov

Anton Rubinstein Pianoconcerto No. 5 with Brabants orkest, Conductor: Roland Kieft

A. Schoenberg  Ein Stelldichein wth Ernest Rombout hobo,Oscar Ramspek Clarinet, Remy Baudet violin and Jeroen Reuling cello

J. Turina Trois Danses Andalouzes

VPRO npo radio 4, radio klassiek(the Netherlands)

M. van Paassen Should a wise pray?


Sonatine for a happy goat


Who’s afraid of red, blues and D minor?



To touch

R. Schumann Fantasiestucke opus 12

A series of radio documentaries about composer-pianist Anton Rubinstein in collaboration with Aleid Hamel

Rumanian radio

Anton Rubinstein Variations on Yankee Doodle

Prelude dedicated to Clara Schumann

L. van Beethoven 2 Sonatas

Dutch radio live shows: all kinds of repertoire